Week 9

How is it possible that it’s already week nine and my time here is almost over? It seems like it just began. I apologize that it’s been a few weeks since I’ve last written, some weeks there just not much to report on. When I made the decision to study abroad, I was prepared to … More Week 9

Week 6

It’s hard to think that week five have already passed me by, and I’m embarking on week six. My journey is almost half way over and yet I feel like I’m just beginning. I had this ideology in my head of what studying abroad would look like and if I’ve learned anything over the last … More Week 6

Week Three

I was able to study abroad by going through a program called, CIS abroad. In Ireland, they have two schools which they send students to: University of Limerick, and Dublin City University. The two universities are about two and a half hours away from each other so there isn’t a lot of interaction between us. … More Week Three

Week two

It’s hard to believe that week two is already coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday that I got off the plane and stepped into the beautiful country of Ireland. Time here seems to vanish in a blink of an eye. Though that could be because I’m still not entirely adjusted to the … More Week two

First day

After 13 hours in the air, I’m finally “home”-home for the next three months it is. I arrived at Shannon International Airport about 20 min away from Limerick and it was just as I imagined- all my preconcived notions were actually correct: 1.It’s sunday, so everything is closed and it’s very quiet. 2.There’s greenery and … More First day

Final Thoughts

The decision to study abroad was made very last-minute it was an impulse decision with no rational behind it. I’ve always been a type A personality: I’m methodical, well planned, and last-minute is not something I’m accustom to. So for me to up and decide I was going to Ireland was unexpected,freeing, and yet absolutely terrifying … More Final Thoughts


As is every decision I’ve made in my life, the decision to travel to Ireland was made on a whim. I had just gotten home from a one-night stand and the uncomfortable reality of living in the same place for the last year had sat it. I was itching to move and experience something else … More Pre-Departure