Day three & four: I think I got this.

I’ve been in Ireland for four days and though that doesn’t seem like much time, I think I’m finally getting the hang of this.

Public transportation has been the biggest culture shock for me. I’m so use to running downstairs to grab dinner or driving to Safeway. Limerick is on the country side so to even walk to campus from my apartment where the nearest food is, is about a 20 min walk. From there I can take a bus to town which will put me into the city in about 30 min. Grocery shopping is also hard because everything you buy you have to carry back with you. My legs and arms are so sore. HAHA.

Though I’m feeling more comfortable doing things alone and using public transit. HEY! I think I got this.

Yesterday  I took a tour of downtown limerick and Saint John’s Castle. Downtown Limerick is exactly how I imagined Ireland to be. It was the picture I’ve had in my head, put into real life.  I had my first Irish meal and it definitely wasn’t the picture I had in my head.. turns out shepherd’s pie is not a thing over, however big surprise…. potatoes are a huge thing. I ordered a baked potatoes and it came with french fries.. I ordered pizza a few nights ago and it came with chips and french fries.  At least it’s very filling.

The people here are also very friendly it makes me so thankful that I chose this country to study in.  The weather and the people are very similar to home. However, THESE PEOPLE DRINK SO MUCH. I’m not 21 so in the states I’m unable to drink. It’s weird enough for me to go into a bar let alone see how much these people drink.. do they actually get any studying done? I’m not convinced they do.

I met two of my five other roommates and they are very sweet. They’re two friends from Belgium. It’s less lonely having people in the apartment with me finally.

I’m starting to feel more at home here-like I finally have a grip on things. I think I got this.

My room which finally feels like home.
Seeing Ireland for the first time-one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen yet.
The 3 other members in the study abroad program
The center of campus here at the University of Limerick. It looks like a castle.
St. John’s Castle
Downtown Ireland-just as i’ve always imaged



2 thoughts on “Day three & four: I think I got this.

  1. This is so wonderful!! Limerick looks absolutely magical 😍 and I love your room! I’m so happy you’re figuring out public transportation and carrying things! Haha


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