Final Thoughts

The decision to study abroad was made very last-minute it was an impulse decision with no rational behind it. I’ve always been a type A personality: I’m methodical, well planned, and last-minute is not something I’m accustom to. So for me to up and decide I was going to Ireland was unexpected,freeing, and yet absolutely terrifying all at once.

As if studying abroad impromptu wasn’t enough to make my heart stop beating, I also made the decision to move out.. while in Ireland. I packed up all of my belongings in my comfortable, two bedroom home I shared with my sister, put everything I owned into storage and am about to galavant my  way through Europe while my sister moves me into my own apartment while im gone.

So here are the facts: Everything I own is now in a storage unit, my bags are packed for nearly four months abroad in Europe, and where will I be living when I get home? Well that’s to be determined.

I’m looking forward to the journey that lays in front of me. Though impromptu, and sporadic are not something I’ve known yet I’m welcoming it with open arms. I’m ready to be free of my up-tight tendencies and simply seize the moment without a worry of a freight.

Here’s to new adventures {and a thirteen hour flight that leaves in the morning}.


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